Friday, February 06, 2009

Hit NRDC Where It Hurts

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) won their lawsuit yesterday to make the phthalates ban in CPSIA retroactive. With less than a week to go until Feb. 10, this "win" will cause major disruptions in supply for all kinds of baby feeding and care items.

Would you like to help get the NRDC back for what they've done?

NRDC is giving away onesies in exchange for donations to their lovely cause. If you donate $1, this will cost them money. Plus, you will get a onesie that you can submit for lead testing. If it fails, we can report them to their state's Attorney General for being in violation of CPSIA. Also, I and several others have requested that they provide a copy of their General Conformity Certificate (GCC). Their organization has claimed all along that the testing required to produce a GCC is neither onerous nor expensive, so surely they've had it done already... especially since they were the ones suing to make all the bans retroactive.

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