Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty Boot Camp, Days 8-10

Pottying is getting better. Yesterday Bagel had another accident-free day, so this morning we stuffed his party favor bags. He's fallen into a pattern of pooping once a day around 10 a.m. so we are going with that. He is also going more than one hour between wetting, and has been recognizing the feeling of urgency better.

This is like a miracle. I was totally expecting this to be like pulling teeth, like it was with Sonshine. It was so much work to get him to do the first phase of potty training, sitting on the potty. We had to do everything according to the same routine and nothing could be flexible or change according to our situation.

Bagel has been so much more flexible since he went on the meds. He's tolerating loads of changes in his breakfast routine-- having different cereals from day to day, allowing me to pour his rice milk, even not having to fill the bowl all the way to the rim. You have no idea how amazing this is unless you've experienced it yourself; the breakfast routine has been Bagel's most rigid routine. He would have to watch me give him the spoon or he would not believe it was clean. He had to pour the rice milk, even if it meant that we wasted a ton to spills, and he had to fill the entire bowl to the rim, pat down the cereal, etc. Some days he wouldn't even eat it, but we had to do the routine anyway. And he's tolerating changes in his bedtime routine too-- if we get home late, for example, he'll let us put him straight to bed. It feels so weird to have such normalcy in my house. I feel like I just got home from a war zone-- I see Bagel and expect him to explode with rage, but nothing happens.