Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Potty Boot Camp, Day 2

Yesterday we pottied Bagel faithfully every hour, and he had three accidents.

Today we've pottied Bagel every hour, but he had three accidents before lunchtime, and I got really sick of it because at that rate he's wetting his pants faster than I can wash them. So I had him potty every 10 minutes for the next hour after an accident. I'm hoping that he will learn to hold it for 10 minutes, and to get his bladder and bowel so empty that he won't have an accident for the next hour or so, to give me a break between accidents. Most of his accidents so far have been outside (which was what I was anticipating by waiting until summer to do this) but if he has one inside on the carpet, it's work to clean it up, plus FH The Super-Smeller will come home and say "What stinks?"

I'm starting to think that one hour is too long an interval. Tomorrow we might just go to half hour intervals.

Gotta run now and clean up Accident No. 4. At least they've all been "#1" accidents today.