Thursday, June 05, 2008

Git a Rope

WANTED: The Toy Gang!

The infamous Toy Gang has been menacing floors 'round these parts, causing plenty 'a' foot injuries, slips and falls, and general mess and mayhem. Folks are mighty riled up by all the trouble the Toy Gang has been causing, and we won't take no more of it!

We done sworn in Pa as the Sheriff, and Ma as his Deputy, and we put up a Wanted poster announcing a one-cent bounty (for Legos, 5 for 1 cent) for those as help put away any member of the Toy Gang. There's hundreds of them thar Toys around, so that's a mighty big pile 'o' cash!

Round up the kid posse, there's a new Sheriff in town and he ain't gonna put up with no sass!

UPDATE: After I adjudicated a fight over whether kids can stake out certain rooms as their bounty-hunting territory (they can't), the boys have moved onto a different floor, and Princess is vacuuming without being asked.