Friday, May 09, 2008


We are still adjusting Bagel's meds, but since we started him on Abilify a couple weeks ago, we've seen some small progress. Last night, he wore a pajama top and bottom that didn't match.

Yes, that's a breakthrough for him. He absolutely insisted that his pajama top and bottom had to match. One night we tried to get him to wear a nightshirt; he wouldn't do it. He kept asking where the "nightpants" were, because in BagelWorld, you don't wear just a shirt, even though Sonshine wears nightshirts all the time. Another time he had a meltdown because we couldn't find the tops to one set of pajamas that he particularly liked, and I told him he could wear an undershirt with it instead. Eventually I got him to wear the undershirt with those bottoms. Another meltdown occurred because we tried to get him to wear some pajamas I'd made a long time ago for Sonshine. The top was a solid color flannel and the bottom was plaid. I was entirely unable to convince him that these two went together. So when he picked out and wore a pajama top and bottom that were from different sets, I was bowled over.

So believe it or not, this is progress!