Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speed Demon

Sonshine is a week away from finishing his second Singapore Math booklet. Each booklet is supposed to represent half a year's work. We started in January and in four months he's finished an entire year of math.

He never ceases to amaze me when it comes to math. One time he was trying to work out what 8 times 6 was. He vocalized to himself, "8 times 6, let's see, that's 16 times 3..." and he DID it that way, and got the right answer too. What an amazing mind, to think that 16 times 3 was an easier problem than 8 times 6! And the kind of understanding he has of multiplication, to realize that 8 times 6 would be the same thing as 16 times 3... I don't know where he learned that, except maybe he was listening more than I thought he was when I was teaching it to Princess. He's very into multiplication. Mention the word and watch his ears perk up.

We knew Sonshine was smart (they did an IQ test when we were having him tested for Asperger's) but it's just been wonderful to see it in action as he burns through these math books.