Monday, February 25, 2008

Digging Holes For Fun And Profit

I've had this on my bulletin board for quite some time, meaning to publish it. It is a schematic diagram drawn by Sonshine, showing his plan to make money.

In the upper left hand corner you can see the hole he is digging in the backyard. He plans to dig it 4 feet deep. In the lower left hand corner is him selling admission to the hole at a nearby table, thereby earning $100 (bottom center). After that he intends to go to the mall (depicted just above as a rectangle containing the word "mall") and buying something nice for himself (lower right hand corner).

There actually is a hole in our backyard. It's not anywhere near four feet deep, more like 18 inches. It's a real eyesore. But I let it stay because digging in the hole in the summertime is the only thing my children will all do at the same time without fighting. Oddly enough, all their friends want to come over and dig in it too, although as far as I know no admission has yet been charged.