Monday, February 25, 2008

Disability Interaction Day

Today, as just about every day in our house, is Disability Interaction Day-- where we watch the show unfold wherein everyone's disabilities get in the way of everyone else's disabilities. Fun ensues!

Knuckles has an appointment today to arrange for speech therapy to see if we can get him to say something more than "truck" [any wheeled vehicle] and "B" [all letters, bread, and Sunbutter]. I am trying to clean up the living room for this appointment while Sonshine is throwing up on the carpet. Sonshine is throwing up because he has had a simple cold for the last few days, which is about to develop into a sinus infection (if it hasn't already) because he has refused to take any and all medication which does not come in a swallowable pill. Since swallowable pills don't generally come in children's dosages, this means he's refused all medication and now mucus drips down the back of his throat over his gag spot. I finally sweet-talked him into trying some liquid medicine mixed into juice, something we'd tried unsuccessfully when he was younger. This time it worked though.

While I scrub the carpet, Bagel is interrogating me. He doesn't even wait for me to finish the answer to his first question before he asks the second, and then he gets upset when I don't immediately and simultaneously answer both questions to his satisfaction. He seems to have abandoned repeated shouting of the word "coconut" and he's back to his made-up word "podo". None of us really know what a "podo" is, and Bagel himself has never been able to put forth any comprehensible definition. But he fully expects us to be able to ascertain whether certain things are a "podo" or not.

I saw a doctor on Friday about my problem and he put me on a med, and I haven't slept since for more than a half hour stretch. I've gotten a total of about 6 hours of sleep in the last 72 hours, most of that on Saturday because I was sick with the same cold Sonshine has had. I'm tired as hell but I cannot sleep at all. And I'm still getting winded going up the stairs. After climbing one flight of stairs, my legs ache and turn to jelly like I've just run a marathon.