Monday, March 10, 2008

Mr. Squeak

As a Christmas present, Bagel got a little stuffed toy rat which he named Mr. Squeak. Mr. Squeak has turned out to be quite a character! He frequently "runs away" and is found in odd places. Once he was found in a garbage can, and another time he was found hiding in an obscure cupboard where no one in the family seems to have put him. We're still not sure how he gets into all these places, but Bagel is convinced that Mr. Squeak is looking for food.

Bagel simply adores Mr. Squeak. He carries him to meals and to watch TV. He says Mr. Squeak is not a toy, he's a pet, and thus is not allowed on the TRAX train. He tells us Mr. Squeak has "comfortable fur" and he rubs Mr. Squeak's fur on his face. Mr. Squeak appears to be one of those toys that has truly come alive.