Friday, June 13, 2008

Vista Sucks

If you've been thinking about getting Windows Vista, stop it right now. Don't even think about it any more. You don't want the hassle. FH has Vista on his laptop, and it is like what Windows would be if it were designed by the Department of Education.

Remember the old joke about what cars would be like if Microsoft designed them-- you'd have to keep restarting them, they'd die in the middle of the road for no reason, etc. etc. Well, Vista is like that, only worse. It is constantly trying to be "helpful" but it comes across as more like that creepy guy in the office who's always trying to "help" the girl with the nice legs by bringing her staplers she doesn't need. If you want to delete a file, it will ask you if you want to delete it, and then it will ask you if you really want to delete it and if you really REALLY want to delete it. It will reboot your computer in the middle of something you're doing because it figures you'd really want to install that update it just downloaded. And it downloaded the update while you were trying to watch a video, but it made the video g. o. l.ik.e. th.i..s so you gave up trying to watch the video.

FH's computer has more memory than mine plus a dual-core, but mine brings up programs faster than his (I'm running XP).

Trust me, you do NOT want Vista.