Sunday, June 22, 2008

Potty Boot Camp, Days 5 and 6

Potty Boot Camp is going better. Bagel only had one accident yesterday (while he was with the sitter when we went out on a date) and has had no accidents at all today. However, today he's been reticent about going to the potty and I'm worried that he's started holding it back. He's on his "break" right now (we told him once a day he could take a break and have a diaper) and I'm worried that he'll start saving his waste for break time. I suppose that wouldn't be the worst thing that could possibly happen, but I just don't want him to start doing what Sonshine did, which was to completely constipate himself rather than use the potty. I need to start paying more attention to his fluid consumption. The last several days he's actually been drinking more water than usual, which I regarded as a good thing because (A) it gives him more opportunities to potty and (B) he would also bring me a glass of water at the same time as he got himself one, so it got me drinking water. But I have to confess that I lost track of it yesterday, and I've been asleep most of this afternoon.

UPDATE: Bagel made it to dinnertime without an accident, so he got his promised reward: he stuffed his pinata for his birthday party. Woohoo!