Sunday, September 09, 2007

Holy Cow, It Works

I made some ointments in the medieval style, including one out of St. John's Wort and comfrey root. We had them up for sale at Harvest War, and we had a "tester" jar where people could take a dab of the ointment and put it on their small wounds. I'd only ever tried it on scratches and such, and found that they would heal within 24 hours.

Today I had a chance to test it on something a bit more serious. One of our rabbits bit me on the finger this afternoon when I was trying to get a harness on her. It was a pretty bad bite, she got a real good chunk out of my middle finger, and it bled like crazy-- it took me 10 minutes and an ice cube to stop the bleeding. I use that finger pretty extensively for crochet, so I really had to have it heal fast. So I put some of the ointment on it. That was about 2 or 3 pm. This evening I noticed that it wasn't hurting when I pressed on it. I hadn't noticed it (you never notice when it doesn't hurt) but I thought it was unusual, so I changed the bandage about 9:30 pm to see how it was going. It's almost completely healed. I put another tiny dab of ointment on it, and hopefully by morning it will be completely healed.

Finally, I've made something that actually works!

UPDATE 9/10, 9 a.m.: I took the bandage off to let it dry out (it gets too wet under those bandages). It is healed up to the top layers of skin. The very top layer can still be made to gap a tiny bit, but the inside of the wound is completely knit together. I'll apply some more ointment and a bandage, just to keep it safe from the markerboard dust, and check it again after work.