Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deep Thought For The Day

Once I had some pet fish that mated and had a LOT of little baby fish. We were not expecting them to mate, so we didn't put a net under their nesting spot, and some of the eggs were sucked down into the undergravel filter and hatched down there. When we took the tank apart when we moved, we found several little fishes under the filter. They were all very long and skinny and stunted compared to their brothers and sisters, because that was the space they were born in and grew in, a long and skinny space.

If something is misshapen, it's because it is the negative space of other things that are out of whack. If you want to not have misshapen things, instead of just removing the misshapen things, fix the things that are out of whack, or the new thing that grows back will also be misshapen.