Monday, July 09, 2007

Catching Up

My apologies for not having blogged in a while. If I had had time to post about everything that has happened, I certainly would have, as it is a LOT! A quick summary of the highlights:

  • The knee injury I sustained this past winter suddenly decided it was time to hurt again, and this threw off my back, putting me in such pain that I was literally rolling on the floor in agony. A very nice chiropractor, and an orthopedist with a syringe full of steroids, fixed all that up.
  • I started work at SLCC. They don't pay very well, I have to commute in twice a week, and I have to wear the "monkey suit" to work. But other than that, it's OK. I don't like having to learn a new college's system, but overall they're treating me well. One day the whiteboard marker in my room died so I went down to the receptionist to get a new whiteboard marker, and they grudgingly gave me a marker but told me I had to bring it back after class (!) because they were having problems with faculty taking the markers home (!!). So when I called the Math Department later to ask where I would get an overhead projector for an upcoming lesson, I asked "What's up with that??" The next day, not only was the overhead projector waiting in my room, but so was the guy in charge of the marker-stingy receptionist. He supplied me with my very own stack of markers, a xerox copier code, and his phone number to call him if I needed the slightest bit of anything or had any more trouble from the receptionist. Now THAT's service! Also, they have a testing center where I can send all my makeup tests for proctoring. VERY, very nice!
  • We acquired two pet rabbits. They are quite fuzzy and cute. Lisa is a brown and white lop and Emily is a gray and white regular rabbit. They are both female, about 5 years old. Emily has been spayed and Lisa hasn't, but I think she's too old to get the operation now. Lisa is the dominant, fiery-spirited one, and Emily is very passive and loves to be petted. The kids take them out in the yard every day, where the rabbits have made themselves a little scrape in the high grass next to the poppy plant.
  • Bagel turned three and had his birthday party. Since he wanted to invite his little friends from his special-needs playgroup, and most of those are on the autism spectrum, we decided to not get any party favors and just blow the whole party budget on renting a bouncy castle. As soon as we got it up, Bagel said "I hate the bouncy castle!" and wouldn't go near it. I think it was too loud for him. By the end of the four-hour rental, he had relented enough to sit on the slide that was the entrance, and even stick his head inside. But although everyone else enjoyed it immensely, Bagel never bounced inside it at all.
  • It is my birthday today. I am now 25 years old! ;)