Monday, January 08, 2007


I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday. I was chasing some dogs off our property. They've been just wandering the neighborhood all day for the last few days now, they sheltered in the snow igloo that FH built for the kids and they took a crap in our yard. Princess identified them as dogs that on a previous occasion had chased her when she rode her bike down the street and playfully bit her rear. Sonshine couldn't go outside because the dogs were trying to nose their way in the door whenever he opened it. So I went to chase them off, and got hit in the face by an icy driveway. As I'm laying there bleeding, calling for the kids to get FH, the damn dogs are just sitting there right out of my arm's reach with this look on their dumb doggy faces like "So, since you're not chasing us any more, does this mean we get to stay???"

My knees and face took the brunt of it, the knees worse than the face. Thankfully I didn't break my glasses, I just got a fat lip and some nasty looking scrapes on my cheek and chin. One knee is pretty bad looking from bruises, but other than the skin it doesn't hurt. The other knee doesn't look as bruised up, but it hurts bad enough that I'm limping and trying to keep weight off it.

Those dogs come in our yard again, I'm calling animal control. There's no call to be letting your dogs wander the neighborhood crapping in people's yards and trying to nose their way into people's houses and biting people's kids on the rear and not leaving property when chased off.