Friday, December 29, 2006

Everybody's Doing It

The latest trend around the Hermit house is the wearing of oven mitts as loungewear.

Princess and Sonshine each got a pair of child size oven mitts in their stockings as part of Santa's cost-cutting campaign for Christmas 2006. They have taken to wearing them around the house, and last night they had a sleepover with each other, where Princess (who adores making up rules and enforcing them on others) required that they both wear their oven mitts to bed.

Bagel has seen them running around the house in oven mitts, so I gave him my oven mitts to keep him from stealing theirs. So now all three children who can run are running around the house wearing oven mitts.

You might want to pick up a pair of oven mitts just to stay on top of this breaking trend.