Friday, August 03, 2007

Pork Rechallenge Fails

Knuckles' allergist told us that when his six-month "detox" period (free of all the allergens) was over, we should rechallenge him with the lower level allergens to see if he reacts, and if he doesn't react, we could reintroduce those foods. The doctor said he was likely to grow out of those lower level allergies as he got older. Pork was one of Knuckles' lowest level allergens, so we rechallenged him tonight with pork. I bought some pork and cooked it very plain, with only salt and pepper. For three days I made sure Knuckles had only "safe" foods (e.g. not onions or tomatoes, both things we suspect he might be allergic to) and didn't throw up.

Well, the rechallenge failed. He enjoyed his pork very much, until it came back up.

Maybe next year... sigh...

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