Thursday, September 27, 2007

Girls Are Boring

Well, OK, "girl" colors are boring.

I have all these ideas for onesies to dye. I love color and I've been playing with overdyes. So I make all my ideas, and I put them out for sale. And the reaction is... these are really cute, but where are the "girl onesies"? And that's when I realize that the onesies aren't pink.

So I was racking my brains to decide what colors besides pink would be "girl colors", because there's only so much you can do with pink. Lavender? I tried lavender, they went unbought in favor of the pink ones. Blue? I thought some blues were suitable for girls, but no, every blue is almost universally met with a "boy color" reaction. Green? boys. Brown? boys. Yellow? neutral, not "girly". Pale green? Boys! Red? Boys! Orange? Boys! Black? Boys!

For heaven's sake people, are all girls exclusively dressed in pink?????