Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gluten Free Bread #3, Gluten Free Pancakes

I tried the All-Purpose Bread and FH made the pancake recipe from that cookbook I got.

The All-Purpose Bread was definitely bread, but kind of weird to my taste. It had both yeast and baking powder in it, and you could definitely taste the baking powder. The texture was kinda crumbly, and even in a plastic bag it got stale the next day. Not gonna make that one again, I think. Next up to try is a white bread recipe I found on the internet that uses a rice/soy/potato flour mix.

FH's cornstarch/potato starch pancakes were a big hit with the kids, who proclaimed them identical to regular pancakes. Baby Knuckles had a field day. He got upset when we had to take away the wheat pancake somebody slipped him last Sunday (Sunday is Daddy Pancake Day at our house) so he was thrilled to be allowed a pancake this week.