Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gluten Free Bread #2

I bought a cookbook called The Gluten-Free Kitchen by Roben Ryberg. My sister found it at Wild Oats, and I thought it would be a good one because it took a "pantry" type approach, where you have your pantry stocked with a small finite number of foods and then you make a bunch of different things out of them. That fits my approach to cooking and food storage. I like to buy big honking tubs of everything I use on a regular basis.

The recipes are based around cornstarch and potato starch. Cornstarch, at least, is pretty cheap and easy to find (way cheaper and easier than some of the other gluten free flours, anyway) and it doesn't have that "beany" off-taste of garbanzo bean or soy flour.

I tried the pumpkin bread from this cookbook and it turned out pretty well. The batter was a bit "gloopier" than a normal batter, as you'd probably expect from any batter that uses that much cornstarch. But it tastes just like pumpkin bread and has the same texture! FH, ever the discriminating palate, gives it his stamp of approval.