Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We have a diagnosis... sort of

Bagel had his appointment today to finish his testing and get a dx. The verdict is "borderline Asperger's". The psych didn't want to go all the way and say "Asperger's" because he did make eye contact (albeit kind of formal eye contact). They want to re-evaluate him in six months (he'll be 3 by then) to see which way he goes over the border.

In a way I feel vindicated, because it's now official that I'm not going out of my mind when I say there's something wrong, but in a way I also feel like I shot myself in the foot, because what made the difference were the things we did with him through Early Intervention. Looking back over the log I kept, there's been a real sea change in his behavior since we started treating it like it was Asperger's. He used to bite everything that didn't move fast enough, and now he only bites in certain circumstances. He used to scream and cry all day long, and now that we understand the problem better we have developed routines that help him. He's able to go to Nursery at church, if we take action on Saturday and Sunday to keep him running on an even keel and make sure he's got the emotional wherewithal to do church. It's been a lot of work and I feel kind of like I'm putting in all that work every day for nothing because now people think he's normal from all the work I did. If I ever stopped doing that work, they'd see real quick which side of the "borderline" he's on.