Thursday, October 13, 2005

Movie Review: Sons of Provo

Friends and regular readers will remember that I'm not a humungus fan of the emerging Mormon Comedy genre of films. They're funny enough, and cleaner than the trashy sex comedies Hollywood seems to think we want to watch. But past films in that genre (The RM, Singles Ward) were only really funny to Mormons or people with Utah connections, since they were parodies (albeit very good parodies) of the Utah Mormon lifestyle, and you really can't appreciate a parody of something with which you are not familiar.

Sons of Provo, though, is really, really funny, and I think it would be funny to people outside that small population. I laughed so hard I cried! (Of course, being pregnant, I cry a lot more than usual right now, but it was still funny.) I've heard it compared to the movie Spinal Tap, but I can't comment on that because I've never seen Spinal Tap.

Mormon comedy films are getting better and better, as well as increasingly accessible to the non-Mormon population. I'm looking forward to seeing the recently-released Mobsters And Mormons when it comes out on video (or in the theater, if I ever get out on a date with FH).