Friday, September 23, 2005

It's A... Baby

For those who have been following the Baby #4 Saga, we can now officially confirm that it's a baby, because we can feel him/her bopping around.

We are now soliciting suggestions for names. I think it's a girl, and everybody else with an opinion on the matter seems to think it's a girl too, but since we don't know for sure we'll take boys' names too. Our criteria for names are:
* They have to be pre-existing names, not made-up names. "Pre-existing" is defined as "having been used as a name for children of that gender for at least 100 years". Preference is given to names from our family tree.
* They cannot also be Scottish surnames or the surnames of any past President of the United States (i.e. no "Mackenzie" or "Madison").
* They have to pass the Elementary School Teacher Pronunceability Test.
* They should not be in the top ten baby names for either this year or last year.
* They have to sound good with the last name "Natividad"

Sonshine suggested "Emily", which was an improvement over his previous suggestion of "Blanket" as a good name for a snuggly little baby. However, "Emily" was #1 in 2004, so sorry Sonshine, it'll have to go.