Thursday, September 15, 2005


Whenever I see a woman wearing low-slung hipster jeans with a stylish tattoo over the waistband, I snigger. For one, there's the fact that she's wearing her waistband in the precise location that maximizes the apparent size of her butt (and the factory-faded wrinkles and the cut of the jeans over the buttocks only enhance that effect). But that's not my main cause of sniggering; women have been wearing wide-load fashions for ages (remember the humungus butt-bows of the late 80's??) for the simple reason that they cannot see themselves from behind-- it's all the OTHER women whose butts look big in that. No, it's thinking what she's gonna look like ten years from now, when empire waists are back in and she's got a hundred extra pounds underneath that tattoo, 25 from each baby she's had. Not such a hot young thing now, are ya??