Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scamming the Nigerian Scammers

You've gotta check out what Steve H. at Hog On Ice is doing; he's got some pet Nigerian scammers dangling on leashes. And he's starting to sic them on each other, too. Kinda like cockfighting. You've gotta read his letters to the scammers; they're pure comedic gold. Here's a sample:
Dear Okra:

This is a flabbergasting offer. Are you seriously saying you're going to give little old ME 12 million dollars???!! Why, I would have no idea what to do with that kind of money! Although I guess I could give it to my favorite charity, the Heinrich Himmler Memorial Fund for Indigent Nazis.

I don't know if you have heard of this charity. After World War Two, a lot of German officers were accused of trumped-up "war crimes," and in the decades that followed, they found it really hard to get jobs. So a group of American citizens of German descent created this fund, and we send these poor gentlemen monthly stipends so they can live in nice fortified homes in Chile and Argentina....

I could give them some of the money, although I think I would spend some on myself as well. My goiter has gotten so big I can no longer wear turtlenecks.

Stephie Schicklgruber Hopkins
Manganese Creek, ID
Read them all, and die laughing.

Also, while you're there, check out his recipe for mini-pit-roasted-pig. Then you can die laughing AND full of tasty food.

Link via Basil's Blog.