Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pain's Gone Down, Thanks

How goes the costochondritis? Well, the pain's gone down a lot, but mostly at the expense of cutting back on my activities. I can sleep without the Lortabs now, but I had to buy Princess school lunch for all of last week, skip running errands (much to the chagrin of the kids who had no yogurt to eat for breakfast and had to have cereal instead), and make a lot of un-tasty but quick-cooking food. I'm still not getting an adequate night's sleep, though, so I've had to take a lot of naps, which has cut into my housework time. I'm still behind, even more so now from taking a week off. And of course, the pain is still bad enough (especially in the mornings) that I'm having to take ibuprofen to get me through the day on some days, especially on days when I cough or sneeze or, like I did the other day, throw up.

Bagel's been sick with some cold that gives him a croupy cough, so I've been doping him up to get him to sleep by the vaporizer. That's been a nice change from spending all the time I could be doing housework trying to keep him from knocking over the piles I haven't gotten to yet. However, this doesn't seem to have translated to an increase in housework done, because I've been spending the extra time sleeping.