Friday, October 14, 2005

If It's A Girl...

On Wednesday we are going in for our Big Ultrasound, wherein hopefully we will find out with reasonable certainty whether our Baby Bun is a boy or a girl. I was hoping to have names picked out by now, or at least have it narrowed down to a few choices, but we've made almost no progress on girl names and none at all on boy names. I favor Annalise Marie for a girl, but FH doesn't like Marie and won't come up with any better suggestions. He wants Rhonda and Susan. Sure, those are fine names-- if you were born during the five-year time span in the 50's when these names were in the Top 10.

However, we have discovered that it is considered "cool" to name your child after the surname of a former President (e.g. Madison, Harrison, Jackson), so I thought we'd add a few names to the list. We like to be modern, but not do exactly the same thing as all the other people, so I came up with these. You tell me which one you like the best:

(1) Harding
(2) Van Buren
(3) Coolidge
(4) Buchanan

What? These aren't cool Presidential first names for babies???