Friday, June 17, 2005

Torture And Parenting

Frank J. linked to this article. I know I'm the very last person to post about Senator Durbin's recent comments, but hey, I'm doing a really big show this week, so please excuse me.

The article says:
Among the descriptions, the report noted one case in which a detainee was held in such cold temperatures that he shivered, another in which a prisoner was held in heat passing 100 degrees, one in which prisoners were left in isolation so long they fouled themselves and one where a prisoner was chained to the floor and forced to listen to loud rap music.
Gee, then by that standard I'm torturing my kids. When they make poor choices of clothing in wintertime and won't change, I make them go out in the clothes they've chosen and they shiver. Heat passing 100 degrees? Everybody in San Antonio, Texas must be laughing right now. Left in isolation so long they foul themselves? That's called "naptime" in Bagel's crib; he has a clean diaper at the beginning of each nap and a dirty one at the end, and it happens every day. Chained to the floor and forced to listen to rap? How about being stuck inside an apartment that you can't leave because your kids are trying to sleep while the neighbor plays his bouncin' stereo?

Get a grip, Senator. All of the above is just annoying. It's certainly not torture.