Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Statue of St. Joseph

I ordered a statue of St. Joseph. This is supposed to help you sell your house faster. You bury the statue upside down and facing the house, with the intention to dig it up only when the house sells. Then St. Joseph will be so uncomfortable that he will do anything, including storming the heavens on your behalf, to help you sell your house. When the house sells, you dig up the statue and put it in a place of honor in your home.

Many people around here look askance at an LDS person doing something so... well, Catholic... but I don't care. I don't really believe that St. Joseph will be made uncomfortable by turning his statue upside down, but I don't think it can hurt to bury a statue. If it's just an ineffectual statue, then it's no more than the horseshoes people around here put up over their garage doors for good luck. And if it makes St. Joseph more inclined to intercede for me in selling my home, well then that's just one more person I've got praying for me. Nowhere does it say that only the living can pray for us! Let's not be prejudiced against St. Joseph just because he's gone on to his eternal rest!