Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thoughts on Michael Jackson Trial

Evidently the MJ trial is very much bigger news out here in California than it is in Utah. There's more media coverage of it. They even had the obligatory interview with one of Jackson's diehard supporters. This guy spoke of how he had quit his job and come down to sit in front of the courthouse every day supporting Michael Jackson. He said (paraphrasing) "Some things are just that important." What I want to know is, what planet were his parents on, that they didn't teach him that of all the things you can do with your life, one of the least meaningful is loitering around in front of a courthouse to support a guy you don't even know?

My advice to anyone who can afford to quit his job and take off for four months to go do something important: Actually do something important. Volunteer at a hospital. Talk to the elderly. Feed the hungry. Knit hats for premature babies. Campaign for a politician that you think can change the world. But don't sit on your lazy butt outside a courtroom waiting for a trial to be over.