Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bagel's Teeth

Bagel, now almost 1, is getting some teeth. He got his first lower incisor at ten months, and his second last month. He is now getting a third tooth, but it's not one of his upper incisors like most kids get-- it's one of his upper canines. Those really hurt, because unlike the incisors that only hurt at first, canines cut the gums all the way out. He's been spiking a fever at night the whole time we've been out here, and we've had to pick up some more medicine for him because he's gone through all the medicine we brought for him. During the few times he's permitted me to inspect his gums, I've noticed that the next largest lump in his gums is right behind the canine, where the cuspids will be. So he may be in quite a large bit of teething pain.