Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mormon FAQ

Some of my readers may not be familiar with the LDS religion, also known as "Mormonism." It never ceases to amaze me that when people want to find out what Mormons believe, some of them want to find it out from any source but the Mormons themselves. It's always better to get information from primary sources. I highly recommend that people visit mormon.org, which is an official church website focusing on the basics, rather than visiting anti-Mormon websites.

If you would like to hear it "from the horse's mouth" but have an aversion to anything that even remotely smacks of official propaganda, I recommend the FAIR Apologetics website. It's a bit on the intellectual side but addresses a wide range of very specific doctrinal points, and is excellent for those who want to read counterarguments to specific anti-Mormon claims, clarity on some of the more esoteric bits of Mormon doctrine, or want to tease out the difference between Mormon doctrine and the culture of Utah. This is also a great site for members. I've learned a lot from the scholars who contribute content to the site. I even found one article that included the history of the pentagram/five pointed star symbol and its connections to Christ and the planet Venus. That's the kind of stuff you find on the FAIR website-- well-researched articles with lots of historical background, footnotes, and details. If you don't have time for that sort of article but want that sort of information, check out Stephen R. Gibson's One Minute Answers page. It reads like a Mormon FAQ.

If you're already convinced that you know what Mormons believe and that it's wrong, I would urge you to visit this page which shows some of the signs that people put up in protest at our latest General Conference. If you find a sign you agree with, please click the link underneath it and read the article and decide for yourself whether the criticism is accurate. I'm not asking you to believe what Mormons believe; I'm just asking you to fact-check your sources by asking actual Mormons whether that's what Mormons believe.

And finally, Favorite Husband's answer to a frequently-asked question about Mormonism that doesn't appear on any of those websites. He has been asked before (and not in jest!) if Mormons grow horns. To the people who ask him that, he tells them "Oh yes! In fact mine are just growing in." He places their hand on his head and says "Feel that? Can you feel it? Can you feel kinda... stupid?"