Saturday, October 23, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy

In addition to making the really cool Javascript on my business website (did I mention it was really cool?) I got my garlic planted yesterday. I planted an area of approximately 48 square feet in nothing but garlic. Why yes, I do love garlic a lot. Actually, the reason I plant so much is that I have two brown thumbs. I figure if I plant a whole lot of garlic, I won't be capable of killing all of it, and then I'll have some garlic to cook with. I also plant garlic because everybody else on my block plants tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, and zucchini.

I almost didn't get the garlic in. The last few rows were hastened along by the constant cries of Sonshine, who got sent to his room for the duration of the planting because he stepped on Bagel's stomach the minute I went out. Sonshine needed to use the toilet and was evidently stymied by the fact that a spot on the bathroom floor had suddenly and inexplicably become sticky, so he was wailing for me to come back in and solve his dilemma, preferably by instantly cleaning the floor. I was afraid he would relieve himself on the carpet, so I went back in to assist him. Unfortunately for him, I made him step over the sticky spot and use the potty anyway.

This summer I was disappointed in my garlic harvest because practically none of it grew. I had purchased my seed garlic last fall over the internet, and alas, very few of the plants came up in the spring. So this year I got my seed garlic locally, and I also used some of my garlic from last year that actually did come up (that worked out well). I bought some Inchelium, Silver Rose, and Spanish Roja, and also this really gigantic garlic from a guy at the Gardeners' Market who didn't know what kind of garlic it was, but that it always produced really gigantic heads. The garlic I saved from this summer's harvest was either Killarney Red or Spanish Roja, I forgot to label which it was so I got it mixed up. It's not like I can tell the difference anyway. I want the softneck garlics for braiding, because I want to make garlic braids for my sister just to piss off her husband who hates garlic (just kidding, L and C, you know I love you anyway). I use the hardneck garlics in my kitchen because it's easier for the kids to help peel them so that I can make vinha d'alhos or chicken adobo.