Friday, October 22, 2004

Being a Stay At Home Mom

I am really enjoying staying home with my kids, so much that I am seriously considering not going back to teaching at the university next semester-- or possibly ever. My kids are eminently enjoyable, and I owe them my attention. I like being able to sit on the couch and crochet while Sonshine invents new worlds out of toilet paper tubes and prattles interminably about their origins and futures. I love being able to withstand the furious eye-rolling of Tiny Princess as she's told to clean her room again. I enjoy having the time to catch baby Bagel's eye and make him smile, then on a whim play with him for a minute and make him laugh. I am under so much less stress now. I don't get mad at the kids when they dawdle for a minute, putting my precisely timed schedule off. I can handle it when Favorite Husband calls to let me know he's bringing home dinner tonight, even though I already started cooking dinner.

Women who want to stay at home with their kids can find a way to do it. It requires being creative and unconventional. You may have to invent your own business or create your own work-at-home job. This is hard work, but not impossible. Necessity is the stay-at-home mother of invention.

And it is sooooooooo worth all the effort.