Friday, October 22, 2004

Rain, Rain, Enough OK???

It has been raining here all week, pretty much nonstop until yesterday afternoon. And rain or snow is in the forecast for each of the next ten days, except for today. So I have today to do all my yardwork: plant my garlic, put the cinderblocks around the tulip bed, plant the xeriscaping perennials I traded for, etc. I don't know if I'll get it all done-- particularly the tulip bed, since that requires hauling dirt from the landscaping place-- but I'll have to try.

The rain is a good thing-- we are in the sixth year of drought and our reservoirs and lakes are dangerously low-- but we've already had more rain in this week than we usually get in the entire month of October. If it helps get us out of the drought, I'll grumble and put up with it. I really shouldn't grumble, though. I don't have a choice whether or not it rains, so the only thing I can choose is my attitude about it, and I ought to choose to have a better attitude. I do wish it would rain for only a few days at a time, though, so that Sonshine could get outside and play. He's starting to get cabin fever.