Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Damn Computer

Our computer is having hissy fits again. Favorite Husband said the hard drive was dying, so he bought a new hard drive. But the new hard drive leaks data like a sieve because evidently our motherboard doesn't like it and needs to be bribed with some sort of card before she'll get along with it.

That's always the way it is with computers. The new hard drive doesn't work with the motherboard, so you get a new motherboard. The new motherboard doesn't work with the video card, so you get a new video card. The new video card doesn't work with the CD drive, so you get a new CD drive. The new CD drive doesn't work with the sound card, so you get a new sound card. Then the power supply proves insufficient to power the new hard drive, motherboard, video card, CD drive, and sound card, so you have to get a new power supply and case. By the time you're done you've bought an entire new computer.

So spare yourself the hassle. Next time any part of your computer breaks, throw the whole thing out the window and buy a new one right up front.