Saturday, July 24, 2004

Gardeners' Market Report

Today at the Gardeners' Market we grossed $61.00. Not too shabby. M wasn't there today (she went to the family weddings in California) and she took her merchandise with her to show the family, so all of that's mine.

I took the all the kids with me to the market and they had a great time. The park where the market is held has a steep embankment between it and the street, so I could let the kids run around with abandon. They picked up loose petals in the rose garden, played tag on the paths, and made some new friends. I gave them each a dollar to spend on whatever they wanted. Tiny Princess bought herself an origami crane glued to a flat rock, which she has been taking everywhere with her against my advice. Sonshine bought a purple flower hair pin which he gave to me. I promised him I'd put it in my hair tomorrow and wear it to church.

First thing after we set up, Tiny Princess had to go to the potty. Unfortunately, the restaurant whose bathrooms we are supposed to use has inexplicably and suddenly gone out of business. The nearest public bathrooms open at that hour are too far to walk. So I took her (and all the kids, and the money bag) to the car, where I had her pee in one of Bagel's diapers. As soon as we got back from the car, Sonshine peed in his pants.

So you can tell that I haven't really had that fun of a day. Despite all of this, my kids tell me that today was the best day ever and they really enjoyed themselves. Well, two out of three ain't bad.