Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Crisis In Terrorist Education!!

So you want to be a terrorist. You get a group of your friends together and you go to terrorist school in Afghanistan or wherever it is they're having it now, and learn how to kidnap people and make videotapes of them. You make up a cool terrorist name like "The Holders of the Black Banners" for your group. You buy some duct tape and balaclavas and video cameras and other cool terrorist gear. Then you go and capture you some foreigners, videotape them, and threaten to kill them if their countries of origin don't withdraw from Iraq.

Unfortunately, they never mentioned in terrorist school that you should kidnap people from countries that actually have a presence in Iraq.

Dumb terrorists.

(Is this evidence that the curriculum even in terrorist training camps is being dumbed down?? Maybe the terrorist school where they trained should have its accreditation lifted.)