Saturday, June 19, 2004

This Is Racist Crap

I don't often throw about the "R" word, but I think this is racist. It is a website advocating the use of booster car seats for children under 4'9" in height.

Tiny Princess is perfectly normal and developing appropriately for her age and race, but her expected adult height is about 4'11". I myself did not reach 4'9" until my teen years. If we took their suggestion about booster seats, my daughter would be using one on her first date. My mother-in-law is about 4'9". She is not a dwarf or a "little person". That is her full adult height. Perhaps they think this woman in her sixties ought to have a booster carseat too.

My daughter has "white" friends who will exceed 4'9" in height before they reach the age of eight. How is this campaign fair to let their parents off the hook for not giving them a carseat, but condemn me if I don't give my child one at the same age?

You can see why I think this policy is discriminatory by race. Can you imagine if there were some sort of official government policy that made it so that black people were physically unable to meet a standard of caring for their children? Why would it be different if the policy discriminated against Asians? I know this isn't official government policy, just an organization of "concerned citizens", but this sort of "concern" tends to get these things to pass as the "standard of care" for children, de facto if not de jure. And social workers who don't think you meet the "standard of care" for your children have the authority to take them away from you.

I believe in safety for children, but not every normal person meets their height standard. They aren't allowing for racial disparities in height. And what's worse is that they are inspiring safety nuts to be judgmental of others who are of shorter races. I certainly hope these nutty supporters don't ever get this codified into law so that well-meaning social workers can find excuses to take my kids away from me. God help all us short people if they ever do.