Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Under Pressure

Bagel just feels like he's lower every day, causing new levels of pressure and pain. OK, so I know the levels aren't new; I don't remember the pain from previous pregnancies, but I do remember telling people that I thought Sonshine was going to fall right off my front like a ripe fruit off a tree.

I hope that when I go to the doctor today, he'll discover that I'm quite dilated and send me over to the hospital to be induced. But more likely he'll discover that I'm only dilated to about a 2 and virtually nothing has changed since last week. I can still hold out hope, though, for a delivery today, because today is the only square on the calendar that is actually full of writing. Since the appointments are all for today, and Tiny Princess' flower drawing class is non-refundable, this is the high point in the Inconvenience Index for the week. Maybe he'll be born today because of that.