Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bagel Check

Bagel is measuring a week ahead of schedule and I am dilated to 3 cm, 70% effaced, and -1 station. Translation: "I'm going to have a baby... sooner."

Watching all these "childbirth signs" is always a hoot. Not a single one of them, other than labor itself or breaking your water, can put a time frame on when you're going to have a baby. If you actually go into labor or break your water, you will have a baby within about 24 hours, because if you don't deliver by then, they'll give you a C-section. Everything else-- the bloody show, the mucus plug, the dilation, the effacement, the station, just means you're going to have a baby soon. Any progress just means you're going to have a baby, sooner. But given that you're already nine months pregnant, you kinda already knew that...

I'd predicted Bagel would come today in our family prediction pool, but Favorite Husband, who chose tomorrow, may be the winner. The doc is going out of town tomorrow, a sure sign that a baby will be born.