Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Good Riddance

I hear they're planning to dismantle the TSA and return baggage screening to private hands. Good Riddance. That organization was poorly thought out and poorly executed, and I'm glad some sane people in Congress put in a sunset clause. The Democrats are complaining that the TSA's budget has been cut, but the TSA has been stealing from the American public long enough, between all the goods that mysteriously disappear from luggage and the goods that are confiscated without so much as a receipt. No one, not even the TSA, seems to know what happens to these goods. If they sold them at auction, I bet they could have made a pretty penny, but instead they have just vanished, probably perks for the baggage screeners. Under private command, baggage screeners would have more accountability, because their employers could be sued if the screeners steal.