Saturday, May 29, 2004

Gardeners' Market Report

This week at the Gardener's Market was our best ever-- we grossed $140.50 in sales!!!! Now THAT'S more like it.

It was a cold, windy day today, and not many vendors set up. Our canopy blew over once, before we staked it down. But the holiday weekend drew crowds to the market, and between the extra customers and the lack of competition, we did a brisk business. M sold all of her socks (except the baby socks), one of her books, and a whole slew of bookmarks. And we sold the first of our learn-to-knit kits, which we were hoping to sell a bunch of since they have very little labor in them. We each also picked up a client for private lessons, and we sold two of the hats that I'd wanted to get rid of (I'm not making any more hats until the end of the summer, when hats come into season).

Hot mitts were once again my big seller, although dish scrubbers weren't too bad either. Oddly enough, the sage green oven mitts, which had sold out every week prior to this, didn't sell at all today. I had made extra of those to see if more would sell, but none did.

However, one of the sage oven mitts sold on eBay during the week, so I can't complain. So far everything I've put on eBay has sold. The fixed price listings seem to be working well, so I'll duplicate them again this week and see how they do. I sold three dishcloths and an oven mitt on eBay, and the diaper soaker prototype will sell (it's just a matter of how much it will sell for now). And I also sold three additional dishcloths off eBay.

We have some colored (non-organic) yarn coming in this week, and I need to put in another order for organic yarn. A few more weeks like this one would be really nice! Let's hope the summer inspires people to come to the market. I've noticed that most of my customers are middle-aged and senior-aged women, just exactly the sort of people who come to our town as "summer citizens". Hopefully now that the summer is in full swing, they will flock to the market.