Friday, April 02, 2004

OK, Now It's Sinking In

I found pictures of three of the four men killed in Fallujah with a tiny bit of biographical information on each.

Now it's starting to spark.

And I'm starting to be outraged at what some "Americans" are saying about these guys-- that they were mercenaries instead of contractors (does no one read the dictionary these days???), that they deserved to die because they were earning money, etc. Whatever happened to the guideline "never speak ill of the dead"? While I'll never stand up for total whitewashing, I still think we owe these people and their families some respect. After 9/11 I didn't go around saying things like "some of the people who died were liberals or illegal immigrants, so screw them." I sold patriotic ribbon pins on eBay to benefit their families. ALL of their families. At times like that, as we should be at all times, we are Americans first. If we're not big enough to put our politics aside and act like men and women, then they should send us back to Kindergarten so that we can learn those much-vaunted "social skills".