Thursday, April 01, 2004

The World's Most Amazing Banana

As I take a bite of this banana, I realize what an amazing thing that is. I live in a place where bananas won't grow, and yet I'm having one for breakfast. Someone grew this banana, and got paid. Someone picked this banana, and got paid. Someone put this banana carefully on a truck, and got paid. Someone transferred this banana to a boat or airplane, and got paid. The boat or airplane's crew brought it to America, and they got paid. Someone put it on a truck, and got paid. The driver of the truck paid for gasoline, and he also got paid. Someone unloaded the banana from the truck, and got paid. Someone put the banana out on the display, and got paid. And I paid for gasoline to get to the store and buy the banana, 3 pounds for a dollar. If the average banana weighs about half a pound, I paid about seventeen cents for all those people to bring me my banana from exotic climes.

And what's most amazing is that it survived the trip. Bananas are notoriously vulnerable. If you touch them wrong, they mush and spoil. This banana, while a little spotted on the outside, is not bruised at all.

Somehow I feel privileged to be able to eat this incredible banana for such a low, low price.