Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Rise 'n' Sonshine

Sonshine got up early this morning again. I always get up early to read news and blogs without the benefit of being interrupted every twenty seconds by a demand or a kidfight. But when I got myself something to eat, I left the light on in the kitchen, and Sonshine (whose bedroom is at the other end of the house) got right up. I swear that kid can smell it when the light is on.

I wish I could give that kid sleeping pills. He doesn't sleep. He insists on having at least two lights on at night, and even though he says he won't go to sleep without the lights, the light keeps him awake. But if you turn the lights off, his own screaming keeps him awake anyway. When he doesn't sleep, he is cranky all day. This is in addition to the wild and crazy things he already does because of his boy nature.

Example of wild and crazy things: yesterday we went to Wal-Mart. One of his favorite things to do is to ride laying down in the bottom part of the shopping cart. One of the employees asked me to take him out of the bottom of the cart, and I refused. I told her that if I put him in the top part of the cart, he just has farther to fall when he jumps out. She countered that he could be hurt down there. I told her he would most likely get hurt anywhere he goes, at which point he obligingly proved my point by running headlong into the corner of something that wasn't moving. After we were done with the employee, we cruised along down the aisle. When we got to the produce section, I discovered that the entire way there he had been hanging his head out over the front of the cart so that his hair (which, by the way has recently been cut very short) was brushing along the floor. His hair, which had been washed the night before, was white with all the dust he'd collected in it.

This is Sonshine on a good day.