Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Disappointed Suicide Bombers

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler links to this story about the plight of poor, disappointed jihadis from Lebanon and Syria, who didn't get to blow themselves up in Iraq. Poor babies.

One guy got sold out by the very Iraqis he came to help blow up, for a $100 reward. Another guy was fed and housed in a prison camp; he was then deported instead of killed. But the one that just takes the cake, in my opinion, is the guy who plans to sue the U.S. for compensation because his legs were blown off by a leftover cluster bomb. I don't think this yahoo deserves any compensation. He already got to have his cake and eat it too-- he came to Iraq to be blown up, and not only did he get to be blown up by a more professional bomb than he could have made, but he received excellent free medical care and lived to tell about it too!

Geez, and I thought I'd heard all the whining there is to hear from my students! But suicide bombers whining about how they didn't get to die and were treated with respect??