Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Remediation Program

I suppose I should tell a bit about my remediation program. I graduated from a very good public high school, probably with more of an education than most. Still, there were some pretty huge gaps in my knowledge. So I made a quick list of all the topics I knew absolutely nothing about even after graduating from college (twice), and determined to fill in the gaps through self-study. I come from a family of educational self-starters with a strong tradition of reading for knowledge well into old age, a tradition I intend to pass on to the World's Cutest Kids.

Here's the short version of the list:
History: twentieth century, particularly World Wars I and II; history of Asia, particularly China; history of the Roman empire.
Economics: macro and micro. Not knowing this is a particular point of shame for me, since my Master's paper was written on fair division, an economic application of mathematics.
Literature: anything from the famous Greek and Roman authors (Tacitus, etc.) and any of the classics of literature that I might have overlooked in my earlier push to read literature. Also more Islamic poetry; that stuff is like cheesecake, only without the calories.
Rhetoric: I REALLY need to learn more about rhetoric and verbal argument. I know enough about formal logic to make cogent arguments, but my rhetoric sucks.
English: I would like to learn how to diagram sentences, and learn the names of the various tenses. I know more tense names in French than I do in English.
Foreign Language: any foreign language would be nice, but I have particular interest in Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. Russian would be cool too; it might help me in my genealogical research. One of these days I'm going to run out of Portuguese ancestors to research, and I'll have to roll up my sleeves and tackle the Eastern European lines.
Science: I'd like to learn more about plants. Botany, agriculture, etc.
Mathematics: I have always sucked at differential equations. I should probably re-study them. I also have an ongoing interest in the history of mathematics so I read a lot of that. Most of it is research for the 6th grade supplemental curriculum I'm developing in my nonexistent spare time.