Sunday, March 21, 2004

Iraqi Blogger Tells Anti-Wars Where They Can Stuff It

I was going to post this very opinion on this very subject, but Ays of Iraq At A Glance beat me to it, and it has more weight coming from him since he's Iraqi.

To his comments, which are generally centered around all the good that has been done in Iraq, I would add that people who think dancing in pink tutus will change people's minds about war have to be comfortable idiots. They live in a world where the worst possible thing that could happen to them is that after their car breaks down on the way to the store, they have to buy the non-organic carrots because the store is out of the organic carrots. They have never experienced war. Neither have I, of course, being in their generation, but at least I've met people who actually have experienced war and genocide. My family sponsored a Hmong family that, once they learned English, told us stories that curled our hair about what life was like for them. I had a friend in high school who was from Kashmir (and was incredibly good-looking too) and he told us all about the conflict there. I spent my adolescence meeting people who had fled here from other countries to get away from war and genocide to a place where people can feel free to protest their government's actions with interpretive dance.

Those wacky ladies evidently don't understand what war is or why it has been in existence for millenia or why it is worth 500 or so lives to free a country before its crazy leader gets nuclear weapons or why no one has ever been able to talk, wish, or dance it away. They are like five year olds. They know war is "bad" and therefore it should always be avoided. They should kiss the hands of my soldier friends, because if it weren't for them and all the others like them and the Founding Fathers and all, they would at this very moment live in a country where they could be shot for wearing those damn tutus.