Saturday, March 20, 2004

Happy Birthday, Sonshine!

Sonshine's 4th birthday party is today. His actual birthday isn't till Monday, but we're having the party today for all his little friends and for the family. We got him a bigger bike that isn't pink; up until now he's been using Tiny Princess' old pink girl's bike.

Sonshine has really blossomed since he started going to preschool. Part of it could be because we have been actively trying to prepare him for the coming of Bagel Boy, telling him he's going to be the big brother now and showing him how he will need to act as such. But I think "going to school" was what sealed the deal for him. We spent half a year struggling mightily to just get Sonshine to use the potty; within the last three months, he has decided to "go" standing up, button and unbutton his shirts, and dress himself, all by himself and with great and immediate success. He has also started saying the word "red" instead of "the color of the blood". It was really annoying to be walking through a parking lot drilling him on his colors by asking him to identify the colors of the cars: "That's a yellow car. That's a blue car. That's a car that's the color of the blood. That's a green car." He knew what "red" was, and he could say the word "red" if pressed, but he never would identify an object as "red". But those days are evidently long over. He is a big boy now. Big boys pee standing up, help clean up their toys, dress themselves, and use the word "red". So we got him a big red boy's bike.